Monday, March 14, 2016

In The Service of What? - Khane and Westheimer

Extended Comments
In this post I have decided to write extended comments on Jordyn's blog on "In the Service of What?"
In Jordyn's post I thought she brought up very interesting points that are discussed in the article that made her post very simple but strong. She begins with the sentence "Service learning is an important experience for all ages". I thought from the start that created a perfect base about introducing Service learning as something that not only older more mature individuals should take part in but young children and everybody else as well. Service learning is a great tool that can be used as a mechanism for children to become motivated in the classroom, as well as allow for more mature individuals in the high school and college range to gain comfort with a new experience. Like Jordyn mentions in Khane and Westheimers article there are different methods and strategies to Service learning and how one approaches it should be up to them to better their overall experience. I think finding your own way within Service Learning is key to providing the best results because whatever works best with you will only better the learning for others. Whether it be hands on or through different forms of visual representation through dialogue or pictures Service learning needs to be an experience where you are learning and gaining the knowledge about the things you didn't know before. Being able to see the vast majority of things that you don't see every day is important and I believe that is what Jordyn's blog post talked about perfectly. Like Jordyn talked about relating to the article in which the teachers Mr. Johnson and Ms. Adams class are learning about different things just in slightly different ways. Service learning all comes with opportunity and making the best of it and if one is able to do that then they can really see things they haven't before.   
Connections: This article related particularly to August's Safe spaces because I thought that Service learning comes with opportunity and the way one approaches it. August talks about opportunity among the LGBT community and how this group has to go about everyday life with the struggle for opportunity and "equality". Service learning is an opportunity that can be shattered and destroyed or turned into an experience that you though you could never have and looking at these parallels makes it very interesting as to how important such as subtle difference and change can make.  
Points to share: I thought In Service of What was interesting to a certain extent because it has to do with what our FNED class is doing right at this moment and that's service learning. I thought overall it presented good points about service learning and the different aspects that one is able to see through this experience.  

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